Meetup about traffic lights and cyclists

On May 13th 2022, we hosted a Bike City Meetup about Traffic Lights and Cycling.

Together with participants from all over the world, we explored how cyclists are facilitated at junctions with traffic lights in Amsterdam. Specialists from Amsterdam spoke about the challenges we face, and the improvements we are working on. American traffic light specialist Peter Furth gave an international perspective from, and Amsterdam’s bike advocates of the Cyclists’ Union spoke about how they contributed to bike friendly traffic lights.


  • Sjoerd Linders, traffic light designer at the city of Amsterdam
  • Kees Vernooij, traffic designer at the city of Amsterdam
  • Peter Furth, professor at Northeastern University, specialized in traffic lights strategies for pedestrians and cyclists
  • And, via video, Dick de Jongh and Eric Plankeel, traffic lights specialists at Amsterdam’s cycling campaign Fietsersbond Amsterdam

Download the presentations, watch the video or read our other item on traffic lights!

Watch the video with Dick and Eric here


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