Visit the Bicycle City and the region!


During the current COVID-19 pandemic, you can experience Amsterdam Bike City up close, both physically and digitally. Get on the road now with the specially developed DIY cycling routes, visit a digital Meet Up, or contact us for a visit after the pandemic!

Do-it-yourself cycling routes

What better ways are there to get to know Bicycle City Amsterdam and the region better than by bicycle? With our Do-it-yourself cycling routes you will discover interesting, beautiful and challenging cycling facilities in the city and the region.

Bicycle City Meet Up

In our Bicycle City Meet Up, we discuss relevant themes around the bicycle. The Meet Ups are for everyone who thinks of cycling as a smart and healthy means of transport. We tailor the evenings to your wishes, so that during the evenings there is plenty of room for information, questions and discussion. As long as the pandemic continues, we regularly organize a digital themed evening. Participation is free!

The next theme evenings are already planned! Sign Up? Pass on wishes? See more information.

Visit after the pandemic

Would you like to visit Amsterdam Bike City after the pandemic?

Let us know your wishes and contact us.


Ready to visit Amsterdam? The city of sharing bicycle knowledge, insight and experience!

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