Architecture prize for underground bicycle parking Leidseplein

A half year after its opening, the new underground bicycle parking at the Leidseplein has won a prize. The Architecture Masterprize Award (AMP) has awarded the prize in the category Infrastructure.

The parking beneath the Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen near the Leidseplein (Leidse square) is for 2,000 bicycles. There were insufficient parking facilities at the Leidseplein in the evenings and at night for bicycles and scooters. With the bicycles now parked underground, the square looks a lot tidier. There is more green on the square, and there are 250 meters of benches in total. The artwork of Hans van Houwelingen – 40 bronze lizards – have been integrated in the design of architectural firm ZJA. The bicycle parking has been awarded as ‘best of the best’ in the category Infrastructure by AMP. For more information and images click here.

  • Entrance underground bicycle parking Leidseplein
  • Inside of the underground bicycle parking Leidseplein
Ondergrondse fietsenstalling bij het Leidseplein

Entrance underground bicycle parking Leidseplein.


Inside of the underground bicycle parking Leidseplein.

For bicycles only

The parking is for bicycles only. Scooters can be parked in parking spaces on street level. The bicycle parking has one level. A pleasant atmosphere has been created using form, colour and light. Bicycles of different sizes can be parked in a special section. For more information (in Dutch) click here.


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