Traffic safety policy in Amsterdam

Cyclists are fragile in traffic. They have no protective barrier, and they balance on two wheels. To facilitate safe, manageable, and attractive cycling for everyone, bicycle safety is an essential part of the traffic policy of the municipality of Amsterdam.

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Sustainable Road Safety

Since the 1990s, the municipality of Amsterdam has followed the principles of Sustainable Road Safety (Dutch: Duurzaam Veilig). Over the years, almost all streets in the city have been improved in safety. Amsterdam is taking measures to improve traffic safety in the city in multi-year plans. Today's plan is the Long-term Traffic Safety Plan 2016-2021, where bicycle safety is highly important. In spring 2021, the municipality updated the plan after an interim evaluation.

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Long-term Traffic Safety Plan 2016-2021

Amsterdam's traffic has changed considerably in recent years. The city has become busier and more popular with visitors, residents, and companies. The number of cyclists and pedestrians has increased significantly. In addition, more people are using public transport. On the other hand, the number of people using the car has decreased.

These developments mean choices need to be made in the field of traffic safety. With the Long-term Traffic Safety Plan, Amsterdam is firmly committed to making its streets even safer. They specifically focus on prevention, vulnerable groups of people, behavioural change, and spatial measures. The plan aims to reduce traffic deaths and severe injuries by 25% in 2020 compared to 2010.

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Review and strengthening 2020

After reviewing the Long-term Traffic Safety Plan in 2020, a strengthening of the municipal road safety policy was adopted in the spring of 2021. The Strategic Plan for Road Safety 2030 is one of the reasons for this update, which is the national plan with the main ambition of zero traffic fatalities in the Netherlands by 2050.

With the review, the municipality examines the implementation of the Long-term Traffic Safety Plan and its results. The review describes Amsterdam's measures to be in line with the Strategic Plan for Road Safety.

Essential parts of the plan are:

  • Research for speed of 30 km/hour as standard
  • Behavioural measures aimed at vulnerable groups such as young and elderly
  • Expanding the approach to high-risk locations
  • Priority for walking and cycling
  • Use of data and smart technology
meerjarenplan vv 9 gem Adam.PNG Behavioural campaign on bicycle safety. Source: Long-term Traffic Safety Plan 2016-2021, Municipality of Amsterdam.

Are you curious?

Please read the Long-term Traffic Safety Plan, the mid-term review and let us know how it is implemented in your city!


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