Guiding principles: design principles for (safe) roads in Amsterdam

The Central Traffic Comity (CVC) tests all traffic plans in Amsterdam. The principles they use can be found in the guidelines of the CVC. Here, you also find how to integrate the bicycle in your road design. For example, you can find the width of the cycling path or the measures that can be taken in busy streets. We call it: ‘Bicycle Inclusive Design’. In this article you will read about how our guiding principles help people to travel safely and comfortably in our crowded shared space of Amsterdam.

Since 2002, the CVC uses her own Amsterdam Guidelines CVC (in Dutch). This is complementary to the nationwide guidelines, which are not always adequate for the situations in Amsterdam. For example, our trams need extra attention and our public space is limited. This limited public space makes it necessary to set priorities and make choices. The Amsterdam policy framework, determined by the municipal administration, helps to make the right choices. The guidelines of the CVC translate these choices into design principles. With these guidelines, designers and project managers know what is important for the CVC in testing their designs. The guidelines also help to get an overview of the Amsterdam overall traffic design.

The guidelines of the CVC are updated regularly because of new policy. But also because of new ideas and new insights in traffic engineering. So, it will always be a dynamic document.

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Download our guidelines here

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Apr 19, 2021

Leidraad CVC (2020).pdf


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