Ferry Zeeburgereiland will sail for seven years

Cyclists think the arrival of a ferry from Zeeburgereiland to Eastern Havengebied is a good idea. As a cyclist you will reach the city center faster. Now cyclists have to cycle across the Amsterdamsebrug: up and down. A direct ferry connection makes it easier for cyclists.

The ferry will start sailing around September/October 2022. According to project leader Titus Reijntjes of the Transport Authority Amsterdam, the arrival of the ferry is positive for the people who live, work and go to school on Zeeburgereiland. The IJburg area behind Zeeburgereiland will also benefit, as will people from the city center and the Eastern Havengebied. Currently, cyclists have to cycle via East to take the Amsterdamsebrug at the Flevoparkbad. This can be a challenge, especially for the untrained cyclist, because you have to ascend and descend. This is not always easy, especially with headwinds. These cyclists will soon have a ferry connection that will take them from the Eastern Havengebied directly to Zeeburgereiland. From there you can quickly cycle to IJburg.

Read more about what people think about the arrival of the ferry, and about the process of choosing the ferry as a temporary measure. And find more information about planning and implementation here.

Traject pont Zeeburgereiland Future route ferry Zeeburgereiland. Photo: Transport Authority Amsterdam


Ferry Zeeburgereiland Amsterdam

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