Bicycle route Kanaaldijk Purmerend

A new stretch of cycle route in Purmerend along the NH canal which is a new link in the fast cycle route to Amsterdam, is also a beautiful connection in the municipality.

In thirteen car-free kilometres along the canal, you will be able to cycle pleasantly and easily to Amsterdam. Please have a look at 14 photos of the route below. More information can be found about this project on the website of the Amsterdam Transport Authority.

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01.JPG Marjolein de Lange

Start route Kanaaldijk

02.JPG Marjolein de Lange

Traffic closure Kanaaldijk

02a melkwegbrug.JPG Marjolein de Lange


03.JPG Marjolein de Lange

Seperate cycle path Kanaalweg

04.JPG Marjolein de Lange

Seperate cycle path Kanaalweg

05.JPG Marjolein de Lange

Junction with N235 (Laan der Continenten)

06.JPG Marjolein de Lange

Recumbent bicycle near Kanaalweg 18

07.JPG Marjolein de Lange

View on Amsterdam

08.JPG Marjolein de Lange

Perry Landsmeer - Het Schouw

09.JPG Marjolein de Lange


10.JPG Marjolein de Lange


11.JPG Marjolein de Lange

Chalk mill d'Admiraal

12.JPG Marjolein de Lange

Junction Noordhollandschkanaaldijk - Buiksloterdijk

13.JPG Marjolein de Lange

Ij ferry 51


Kanaaldijk Purmerend

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