Jul 3, 2022

Cargo bike delivers packages of entrepreneurs in the Haarlemmerbuurt

Amsterdam is committed to reducing (delivery) traffic in the city and making transport emission-free. Electrical transport and smart logistics can contribute to this. Entrepreneurs in the Haarlemmerbuurt (a neighborhood in Amsterdam) have started a pilot using a cargo bike to deliver orders to customers in Amsterdam. The pilot is supported by the municipality of Amsterdam.

City traffic is one of the largest polluters in Amsterdam, and that’s bad for everybody’s health. There is also increasing pressure on public space. That is why Amsterdam is working towards emission-free traffic in 2030 and promotes alternative transport solutions.

Less traffic and less emissions

The entrepreneurs in the Haarlemmerbuurt organize most of their acquisitions and deliveries themselves, which costs extra time and money. The pilot aims at a reducing traffic and emission by using just one delivery service. This way, logistics are organized smarter for the entrepreneurs. This pilot can serve as an example for other entrepreneurs in Amsterdam.

Advantages for the entrepreneur

Several times a week, a delivery service collects the packages ordered by customers in Amsterdam from the entrepreneurs. After that, they deliver the packages at the customers’ homes with an electric cargo bike. The delivery service also allows the entrepreneurs to use the cargo bike themselves, for instance to go to a wholesale store. With the pilot the entrepreneurs and the municipality want to explore the possibilities of bundled electric transport to reduce the costs and delivery time. The pilot will take 7 months. After this, the extent to which the pilot helps reduce costs will be evaluated to see if the entrepreneurs can continue with electric delivery, and support from the municipality is no longer necessary.

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