Aug 12, 2022

Amsterdam combines bicycle parking with loading and unloading areas

Amsterdam invests in shared mobility

Amsterdam is growing, which is evident if you look at the busy roads and bicycle paths. All these vehicles also need parking space. This has a large impact impact on public space. When vehicles are shared, less vehicles are needed, they are used more often and there is more space left on the street. On top of that, shared mobility is sustainable and improves air quality.

This shared mobility map shows where you can find shared vehicles in Amsterdam. You can specify your search to shared bikes and cargo bikes. You can also find the ‘BuurtHubs’ (Neighbourhood Hubs) on the map: in 17 Amsterdam neighbourhoods, a space has been set up to park shared electric vehicles.

Shared Mobility

Apart from shared cars, there are experiments in Amsterdam with shared bikes and shared scooters. The shared bikes are mainly situated near important public transport hubs and have a fixed parking space, but can also be handed in at other locations of the provider. In the South and East city districts there is a pilot with 100 neighbourhood cargo bikes. A convenient way to transport children or things through the city easily and safely.

Neighbourhood Hubs

In the 17 Amsterdam ‘BuurtHubs’ (Neighbourhood Hubs), one or more electric bikes, cargo bikes, scooters and cars are parked. Neighbourhood residents can use these electric vehicles. They can easily rent them via the app of the transport providers; book and directly pay a (cargo) bike, scooter or car. The 17 neighbourhood hubs are temporary, the pilot is at least until the end of the year. If they are a success they may get a permanent place in the neighbourhoods. The neighbourhood hubs are part of the European eHUBS project. Seven European cities – Nijmegen, Arnhem, Dreux, Leuven, Kempten, regio Manchester and Amsterdam – are researching the possibilities of electric shared mobility together with, among others, shared transport providers and universities

Less CO2 emissions

Amsterdam encourages electric shared mobility in the city. Clean shared mobility can contribute to a reduction of CO2 emissions, better air quality and accessibility of neighbourhoods

I Photo: Sanne Couprie

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