The Top 10 of the preliminary round of the Bicycle Innovation Lab 2023 are announced

The candidates that will pitch for the jury are announced!

The candidates (chosen by the official guidance group and the public voters) are already informed with the news that they are through to the next round. ABC wishes the following candidates good luck in preparation of their pitch.

The Top-10 consists of:

Submission 1: Zet de fietsers in het ‘groene’ spotlight !

Submission 4: "Fiets met vertrouwen: Sluit je vandaag nog aan bij de Safe Cycle Community!"

Submission 5: HOMIES

Submission 6: Welcome in Amsterdam, we have bikes and rules

Submission 7: Workshop the 9 types of Cyclists: The safer way to be a cyclist.

Submission 8: Rechtdoor op zelfde weg gaat veilig door

Submission 9: DeTunnelvisionair

Submission 11: “Waar gaan al die fietsers heen?” - shift gedragsverandering

Submission 24: Slow down top layer

Submission 29: De Trage Fietsstraat

For more details on the Top-10 and the other submissions you can look on the following page: View the submissions here.


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