How to build a Bike City?

ABC-ers Marjolein de Lange and Willem Smink hosted our first Bike City Meet Up about ‘How to build a bike city?’.

With participants from U.S.A., Iran, Spain, France, Romania and The Netherlands we ran out of time, learning lessons from Amsterdam (Marjolein) and Paris (Sébastien Marrec).

We’d like to discuss further about building a Bike City: How do you (re)distribute space? How do you make room for cycle lanes and for bicycle parking? What benefits brings a bike city? And what does it mean for cars, walkers, parcel deliverers, emergency services and so on? Which examples do you know? And which topics would you like to discuss further in a next Bike City Meetup?

Meetup Bicycle city.jpg Photo: Marjolein de Lange

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