Join Vélo Mondial digitally on the bicycle!

Velo Mondial makes dozens of videos from the perspective of a knowledgeable cyclist as a great alternative to not being able to visit Amsterdam.

Quote from a renowned cycling planning specialist: "This is an amazing resource. As close as you can get to being there and seeing how great the infrastructure is".

These 360-degree videos place you on my bike and lets you look in any direction you choose. Close in, expand, look left, look right, look behind you!

Every video shows different angles from Cycling City Amsterdam.

The series is aiming at cycling policy makers, planners, consultants, advocates and everybody interested in cycling policy and is developed in the context of CiViTAS Handshake.

Handshake helps cities of all types become more livable places, improving conditions for cycling as an everyday mode of transport, as does Amsterdam Bike City, the platform you are on now.

Find all videos here!


Ready to visit Amsterdam? The city of sharing bicycle knowledge, insight and experience!

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