Redesign cycling route IJ - Geldersekade

Amsterdam is assigning money to improve the bicycle route between the IJ and Geldersekade. The planned redevelopment will provide more space for cyclists and pedestrians. This makes the route more pleasant, better, and safer. The adjustment of the IJ-Geldersekade bicycle route is a measure from the Amsterdam Auto-Low Agenda. This program creates space for pedestrians and cyclists and improves the quality of the public space. On the Municipality of Amsterdam website, you can read a more extensive article about the redevelopment of the IJ – Geldersekade cycling route.

The popularity of the IJ-Geldersekade cycling route is increasing. The consequence is that the existing bicycle route became too narrow, and there is a lack of maneuvering space for crossing points. As a result, the IJ-Geldersekade bicycle route has ended up in the top 10' most unsafe places in the Centrum district'. Incidents occur relatively often, and cyclists and pedestrians feel unsafe.


The municipality of Amsterdam wants to tackle this problem by introducing one-way traffic for cars. The Oostertoegang and the Odebrug (a bridge) towards the IJ become one-way traffic roads. This measure provides extra space for cyclists and pedestrians. In addition, the speed will be reduced to 30 km/h in the Kattenbrugstraat.

The planned measures are well received in the neighborhood. The measures will reduce traffic in the neighbourhoods Nieuwmarktbuurt and Lastagebuurt. This will improve the flow of cyclists, pedestrians, and public transport at the intersection with Geldersekade.

Area of bicycle route IJ - Geldersekade.png

Road work

In the spring of 2023, the reconstruction of the cycle route will start. The work will take approximately one and a half years.

Source: IJ tot Geldersekade: verbeteren van een drukke fietsroute - Gemeente Amsterdam


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