Planning a Second Bicycle Ring?

In recent decades, the bicycle usage has increased sharply. In addition to Binnenring, the ring around our historic centre, we are now planning for a second bicycle ring. This second ring should also be quick, safe, and comfortable for cyclists. You can read in this article what is ongoing to ensure that this second bicycle ring can be realized.

Our ambition

In the chapter 'Smooth cycling' of our Long-term Bicycle Plan 2017-2022, we describe our target to build a second bicycle ring with the following ambition:

“On the route of Bilderdijkstraat -Eerste Constantijn Huijgensstraat -Museumplein -Ceintuurbaan, we are investigating what measures can be taken to realize a new bicycle ring with generous bicycle routes”.

Though majority of this route now has segregated bike paths, most have become too narrow (1.8meteres) for the high number of cyclists.

In the 2018 study, the best measures required to implement a second bicycle ring were researched. This entailed not only improvements for the cyclist, but also considered space for the pedestrians , public transport andquality of public space.

Mixing cars and bikes

The exploration shows that mixing car and bicycle traffic is the most attractive option, to achieve these goals. This is in line with the ambition of the second bicycle ring. Substantially less car traffic is an important condition and rigorous urban measures (network and / or generic) are necessary for realization. But this cannot be achieved within the short period of this project. But the perspective of a second car free bicycle ring fits to our ambitions of the Agenda Amsterdam Autoluw. Now we are investigating the steps needed to realise this second bicycle ring.

Until all measures have been taken to reduce car traffic to the desired level over the entire route, interventions will be made. These will be done in the short term if the opportunity arises for parts of the ring. For example, enlarging cycling space at intersections at Mr. Visserplein.

Our question

Taking out (narrow) bike paths and making a bicycle street instead is quite a step. What do you think of this? Share your thoughts and examples via Disqus below!


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