More space for cyclists on Mr Visserplein

The Mr. Visserplein is one of the busiest intersections for bicycle traffic from the eastern parts of the city to the centre. The intersection was modified in 2016 to provide more space for cyclists. What smart measures have been implemented here?

Mr. Visserplein is one of the busiest intersections in the city centre. Many cyclists from the east of the city cross this square to continue their journey into the centre. In addition to a high number of car traffic, the intersection is busy with pedestrians and a trams crossing the square. In order to control all car traffic, the traffic lights are linked but can be interrupted by the tram. This makes the traffic regulation complex and waiting times likely to increase. Therefore, space at the traffic lights is needed to provide a safe place for the many cyclists and to ensure better and faster cycling flow.


In 2016 the space for cyclists was enlarged and optimized by providing a larger waiting area and a two-way crossing with an oblique centreline. The results can be viewed in this online storymap.

Measures for busy bicycle intersections such as these are now part of the Guideline CVC, the city guide lines for traffic design.

mr Visserplein ontwerp KIM DW JDM Nieuw dd 2018-03-15.jpg Redesign Mr. Visserplein. Source: City of Amsterdam, 2016


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