The intimate interaction of bicycle and high-quality public transport

For about 15 years, Transport Authority Amsterdam has been working on improvements for the chain combination of bicycle and high-quality public transport. The lessons learnt about this successful chain mobility combination were put together in a contribution to the 2017 mobility planning conference (CVS). Below, we dive deeper into the challenges we encountered and you will find the link to the contribution itself.

The success in combining bicycle infrastructure with high-quality Public Transport (HOV) has been overwhelming. The range (radius of action) of high-quality public transport together with the finesse and flexibility of cycling proves to be successful and a sensible investment. Do more travellers in our region also get improved and collective transport solutions? How does that work exactly? In a time of shrinking budgets, this is exactly what we want to know.

In this contribution to the CVS congress, we elaborate on the insights of cyclists provisions at public transport stops, the required numbers and quality, the type of locations and much more. The contribution also details the role as conceder and provides a preview into new challenges such as ensuring that fewer bikes and less parking space are needed. This challenge is addressed through better ‘after-transport’ by bike and plans for combining ‘before and after-transport by bike’ in a smart way.

Our questions

What do you think of the combination of bicycle with High-quality Public Transport (Dutch: Hoogwaardig Openbaar Vervoer; HOV)? How can this combination improve our cities? Share your thoughts, ideas and examples via Disqus below!


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