Successful bikeshare project at Schiphol airport

In 2018, shared bikes were introduced for employees at the Schiphol airport area. The shared bikes were implemented because buses were no longer allowed to drive over the private grounds of Schiphol. This prohibition of buses made the travel distance between bus stops and workplace longer which in turn, may have led to more employees commuting by car instead of public transport. The provision of shared bikes allowed employees to easily cover the longer distance from bus stops to the workplace. The project was a success because it was actively embraced by the employers. Below you can read more about this project and how shared bicycles are implemented across the whole of the Schiphol area.

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Within Schiphol, employers used to travel mostly by bus, on foot or by car. Nowadays, bikeshare has widened the range and flexibility of public transport. Bikeshares are also used for displacements within Schiphol area, and to go to the nearby town of Amstelveen.

In the future, shared bicycles will be the most obvious means of transport within Schiphol and will be implemented across all of Schiphol.

The shared bikes are from Flickbike and are based on seven bike sharing areas spread over the Schiphol region. Many employers in the area actively endorse bikeshare by making registration easier and paying the bikeshare fee for their employees.

Lessons learnt

The active endorsement of companies such as KLM and Fokker, supported Dutch standards and led to higher use of the bikeshare. The timing for introducing bikeshare was also perfect as it aligned with the shortcomings of buses.

Interesting links

For more information about the shared bicycles, see this website or see another bike share project in Amsterdam region.

Our questions

Are you familiar with other airportsv or business districts using this kind of shared bikes? What role did employers play in this? Share your experiences and examples via Disqus below!


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