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New bicycle underpass Aalsmeerderbridge can be partly hoisted out

Since the beginning of January, cyclists and pedestrians can use the new bicycle underpass under the Aalsmeerderbridge, on the border of the municipalities of Haarlemmermeer and Aalsmeer.

Cyclists no longer have to cross the busy Kruisweg - Aalsmeerderdijk intersection. The design of the bridge is special: it is made in such a way that a part of the cycle path can be temporarily hoisted out. This allows large ships to sail in and out of the nearby shipyard. In addition, part of the bridge is almost at the same level as the waterline, giving cyclists a nice view of the water: not from above but at eye level. On the website of the Transport Authority Amsterdam, you can read how the underpass was constructed and how it works!

fietsonderdoorgang-aalsmeerderbrug-img1254.jpg Bicycle underpass Aalsmeerderbridge. Photo: Transport Authority Amsterdam

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Aalsmeerderbridge Aalsmeer

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