Study Excursion: Trends and Innovation in Amsterdam’s Cycling Infrastructure

Urban Cycling Institute invites you to join their study excursion!

On their study excursion Urban Cycling Institute will show you how one of the world’s leading cycling cities is approaching cycling and mobility: through experimentation, user-centered design, and a focus on the cycling experience. Afterwards, Urban Cycling Institute gives you resources and avenues for continued learning to work towards transformation in your city.

This two hour excursion brings you to key innovation sites in the central core of Amsterdam, starting at the Nieuwmarkt square in the city center, and ending at the Rijksmuseum. Urban Cycling Institute will curate stops at select sites that are representative of broader trends taking place in the city: "We discuss changing directions of how the city views cyclists and the street, we show you best practices and- most importantly – we promise to challenge your preconceptions of how to plan for a cycling city. At the end, we provide different avenues for continued engagement and learning with us." Visit their website to sign up and find all the information you need!


Ready to visit Amsterdam? The city of sharing bicycle knowledge, insight and experience!

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