National Bicycle Congress 2023

21 - 22 June 2023

The National Bicycle Congress is there to learn, to meet, to discuss solutions and issues, but above all to inspire each other. Cycling professionals from the Netherlands and Belgium have been coming together since 2012 to discuss the latest current issues of today and tomorrow regarding the bicycle theme in a good mix of knowledge, networking, and relaxation. The theme of the 2023 National Bicycle Congress is 'Naturally Innovative'.

This year, Gemeente Rheden is hosting the National Bicycle Congress. We will meet on 21 and 22 June 2023 in Ellecom.

Read more about the program of the national cycling congress on this website.

Submit your session proposal!

Like the previous editions, this year we also invite you to submit a session proposal for the National Cycling Congress that will take place on June 22, 2023. Share your knowledge, and inspire others with new research, insights, projects, results, and ideas that take cycling further. Your session topic should fall within the theme lines that match the overarching theme of "Naturally innovative". For example, there's a session on 'Natural values versus recreational values; how do you make the choice?' or 'Collaborating with different landowners - a profession in its own right'.

Suggestions for creative working methods such as a world café, philosophical discussion, panel discussion, or other ideas are more likely to be honored. This will make the program of the National Cycling Congress even more varied. You can submit your session proposal until March 20, 2023!

Nationaal Fietscongres 2023


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