Brainstorm 30-20-10 (besloten bijeenkomst)

Wanted: input for the discussion

Changing the public space to a layout according to speed 30-20-10 does require a good analysis of possible problems and opportunities. The first step is, therefore, a brainstorming session on 5 July, during which the winner, the municipality, and the transport region discuss various issues.

The idea 30-20-10 is looked at from all sides during the brainstorming session:

  • For example, what does this change mean legally?
  • Can we force fast cyclists to a different lane?
  • Is implementing the idea 30-20-10 spatially possible, or will we have problems with parking spaces and green areas?
  • How will road users behave?
  • Are joggers appreciated on the 20 km/h track?
  • And what is needed, for example, to maintain the speed. How do we ensure that the speed on the 10 km/h path is not exceeded?
  • We will also discuss how we can introduce a pilot for testing this idea, and at which location this is possible.

This brainstorm will be the first session for discussing what we can do with the idea 30-20-10. After this, further steps will be taken. Do you have suggestions for our discussion? Please submit your thoughts in the discussion page of ABC.

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