General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions

When participating in the Bicycle Innovation Lab, the following general terms and conditions apply

  • It is not permitted to contact the organization concerning the Bicycle Innovation Lab outside the Amsterdam Bike City website and email address.
  • Employees of the City of Amsterdam, the Transport Authority Amsterdam, and HaskoningDHV Netherlands B.V. are excluded from participation.
  • If a member of the jury or a member of the official supervisory group has a conflict of interest that may cause him or her to be biased, he or she shall abstain from voting in respect of this entry.
  • The competition can be discontinued at any time by the City of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam Transport Region. No rights will be granted to participants at this time.
  • The City of Amsterdam and the Transport Authority Amsterdam reserve the right not to grant a project if the winning idea or the intended development is not considered suitable. If the winning idea is implemented, the general purchasing conditions of the municipality of Amsterdam 27-5-2020 apply to this contract. Article 8 of the general purchasing terms and conditions of the Municipality of Amsterdam (27-5-2020) is deviated from: all parties involved explicitly agree that all intellectual property rights relating to the winning idea or intended development conceived and provided by the contractor belong to the contractor. If the contract is awarded after winning, the contractor will grant the municipality of Amsterdam a non-exclusive right of use to implement the innovation or to have it implemented.
  • Participants agree to the publication of the ideas on media channels.
  • General Purchasing Conditions City of Amsterdam, only for the winning contestant after further developing of the idea.

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