Bicycle Innovation Lab 2023

Edition 2023

Will you come up with the solution for improving social safety for cyclists in order to make cycling even more fun?

For the second Amsterdam Bike City Innovation Lab we are looking for the most innovative solution to improve social safety during cycling. Because however much fun and however healthy cycling is, it is not always experienced as enjoyable. Think for instance about cycling in the dark, being called after or aggression between road users. With the ‘social safety’ topic we want to improve the cycling experience in the region.

The award ceremony took place on 31 May. We would like to congratulate Tunnelvisionair on their well-deserved first place. They win the grand prize of € 1,000 and the chance to realize the idea in real life!

In addition, 'Put the cyclist in the 'green' spotlight!' took second place. Which also means that this plan will be taken further in collaboration with the municipality of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam Transport Region.

Finally, an honorable mention for 'Straight ahead on the same road continues safely'. This entry received the most public votes.

For more information on the innovations and the other submissions look on this page.

Bicycle Innovation Lab - edition 2023

What is Social Safety?

Social Safety refers to how safe someone feels in public in situations where there is potential danger from other peoples' actions. Examples of situations in which social safety can be at risk while cycling: aggression between cyclists, cycling home after sports in the dark, children cycling to school or tourists who are not familiar with Amsterdam and the social norms. In all these situations, the behavior of other people can make you feel unsafe on the bike.

What could you have won?

The inventors of the ten best ideas get the chance to present their idea to a jury consisting of leading professionals. They receive a budget of €300,- for preparing and giving the presentation.

The winner:

  • receives a prize of €1,000,- ex. VAT
  • gets the opportunity to further develop the idea in cooperation with professionals of the municipality of Amsterdam and The Transport Authority for the Amsterdam Region. There is an implementation budget of €15,000 available. The winner is challenged to develop a plan to execute the winning idea. Our aim is to execute the winning idea in the city of Amsterdam or the Transport Region, if possible.

The judging panel of the Bicycle Innovation Lab 2023!

We are happy to introduce you to the inspiring professionals who will judge your entries. They all deal with topics that fit within the theme of 'social safety'. The judging panel consists of:

Diederik Basta - Municipality of Amsterdam, project manager Smart Mobility

Esther van Garderen - Fietsersbond, director

Gert-Jaap Hoekman -, chief editor

Lucas Harms - Dutch Cycling Embassy, managing director

Hélène de Bruine - Transport Authority, Behavior & Mobility advisor

About Amsterdam Bike City

Bicycles are indispensable in the city of Amsterdam, in the region and in the rest of the Netherlands. As a means of transport, but also as a way to keep public space livable, safe and accessible. That is why the municipality of Amsterdam and The Transport Authority for the Amsterdam Region have been working together for more than forty years to make cycling as safe, accessible and attractive as possible. In doing so, Amsterdam is an inspiring example for other cities and regions that want to become more cycle-friendly. We share our knowledge about cycling via the Amsterdam Bike City (ABC) platform. We also like to learn from the ambitions and initiatives from other parts of the Netherlands and from abroad. That is why we organize a Cycling Innovation Lab each year, which helps us in our search for innovative solutions to improve traffic safety for cyclists in the region of Amsterdam.

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