Practical information for on the road

Practical information for on the road</h1

Cycle safely and socially!

Below are some tips to participate in Amsterdam traffic safely and socially:

  • Don’t put others or yourself in danger
  • Don’t hinder each other unnecessarily
  • Make it clear what you are going to do
  • Keep right, max. With two next to each other
  • Stop in front of red and give way if you have to
  • Use the cycle path, in the right direction
  • Do not use a phone while cycling
  • When you stop, do so in a safe place and without disturbing others
  • Don’t park your bike in the way of others
  • Lock your bike properly

Bicycle rental company MacBike lists the most important tips and rules!!


Discover cycling in the city and the region with the Do-it-yourself cycling routes. You can get the idea that Amsterdam was made for the bicycle. But that was not always the case. The rise of the car after WWII meant that cyclists in Amsterdam were also increasingly squeezed. Through action, targeted policy and the redesign of the city, Amsterdam has (again) become a cycling city. Important elements for the cycling city are the bicycle network, traffic safety, bicycle parking and the cyclists themselves. And do not forget the restriction of the car in the city. The book Fietsstad Amsterdam explains in detail how Amsterdam became a world bicycle city.

Finding your own way

Paper map

If you want a real overview, it is best to take a paper map. There are maps made especially for cyclists for Amsterdam and the region. It contains recommended bicycle routes, bicycle junctions, bicycle sheds, bicycle rental, ferry connections, public transport bicycle and public transport.

The maps are available at bookstores in Amsterdam and online from the publisher.

Bicycle route planner and ferries

With the Fietsersbond Fietsrouteplanner you can plan cycling routes with numerous preferences. Amsterdam and the surrounding area has many ferry connections. provides an overview of the sailing times.

Rent a bike

In Amsterdam there are many places where you can rent a bicycle. You can also rent bicycles in the region. Public transport bicycles can be rented at most stations. On the cycling map Metropoolregio Amsterdam op de Fiets bicycle rental and public transport bicycle are indicated.